Antonio Steffan


Antonio Steffan is a film geek and a Storyboard Artist.

From a small town in the north-east of Italy, Antonio started his career as a storyboard artist in 2018 attending a Master’s degree in Animation at UWE Bristol. Black belt in Aikido, he is an excellent team worker and able to work under pressure.

Perfection doesn’t exist, but he enjoys hunting for the best way to visualise a story.

Achievements & Experience


MA Animation, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 2018-2020

BA & MA Multimedia Communication and Information Technology, University of Udine, Italy, 2010 - 2016


Storyboarding Workshop, Aardman Academy, Bristol, UK, Sep 2019


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Featured Projects:

A Steep Path

Storyboard based on Terry Pratchett's book "Equal Rites", edited into an animatic. Drawn in Adobe Photoshop and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.


Storyboard test for Aardman Animations edited into animatic

Oh Deer!

What could happen if you try to draw a deer? Storyboard exercise edited into an animatic.