Ellie Walsh

Producer, Artist, Animator/Film Maker and Illustrator Ellie Walsh, has a wide range of skills and knowledge within the creative industries.

Ellie is a Film and Animation producer. She has worked on 2D digital animations, stop-motion, 2D traditional, model making, ‘making of’ films, documentaries and live-action projects. Ellie has a high level of organisation and many styles of scheduling to fit the production and production team.

With a key interest in combining interpretive body motions with various animation techniques, her practice is always progressing in terms of conceptual context and technology.

Her studio experience combined previous Fine Art studies have

adapted the way she thinks about art and highlighted the enjoyment of combining and creating innovative, creative hybrid techniques. She has recently completed a Masters in Animation (with Distinction) at UWE and looks forward to adapting her skills to more entrepreneurial and studio-based work.

Tour Jeté (2020)

Two characters that speak the same language, but exist in different time zones. Abstract love story expressed through dance and Baton Twirling.

The making of Tour Jeté

Tour Jeté (Making of and interview with Ellie Walsh) ©elliewalsh

Tour Jeté Trailer (2020)

The trailer of Tour Jeté (2020)

Art Work

Disney Castle- Close Up

Acrylic Painting on board Disney Castle (2019)

Visit my website www.elliewalsh.co.uk

Visit my website- www.elliewalsh.co.uk