Sofia Salt


Bristol-based modelmaker from Portugal, bilingual in Portuguese and English.

After studying jewellery-making and getting a BFA in Sculpture, I'm now applying those skills to the construction of puppets and props, with a focus on model making for stop-motion.

I enjoy bringing characters to life and overcoming the physical challenges that stop-motion entails. As the main project of my MA in Animation, I built a stop motion puppet from scratch and created a film about the process.

Achievements & Experience


MA in Animation with Distinction | University of West England (2018-2020)

BFA in Sculpture | Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (2013-2017)


Finishing Touches Course | Aardman Academy (2019)

Assistant Model Maker | Laura Ratta (2019)

Assistant Model Maker | Joseph Wallace (2019)

Assistant Animator | Sons of Graham (2019)

Stop Motion Instructor | Universidade Júnior (2016-2017)

Featured Projects:

Walkthrough (Trailer)

Walkthrough is a making-of film with a story. When a puppet has an accident before it’s finished, some adjustments need to be made. I made this as my final MA Animation project. My objective was to build a puppet from scratch and create a film about it.

Collaborators: Kendra Stout (Animator), Ellie Walsh (Producer)

Julia's Armature

This is the ball and socket armature that I built from scratch, including the joints, for the puppet used in the Walkthrough film. The arms are wire, and replaceable.

Mr. Eduardo

Plastiline sculpt I made based on a character designed by Mariana Candido.


Felted moth I made, with a wire armature so it can be animated.