Wai Ying Tiffany Tong

I am a filmmaker and producer from Hong Kong - and completed my MA Animation in January 2020.

In my practice, I produced an animation project and animated my own film in the meantime. I understand the process on 2D, 3D, stop motion and VFX. When I produced a peer's project, it helped me become a more organized person. I have a friendly personality, and I am confident in working with people.

'moth' is a documentary, animated short film that talks about the protests in Hong Kong. 'moth' is my first directed and produced film - and it's already won

an animation award (Feel The Reel International Film Festival) and selected by more than ten film festivals. I enjoy being a filmmaker and want to create more and more films.

moth, 2020

A group of Hong Kong people trying to stop an unjust law and protect their rights from the biggest dictatorship in the world. Five demands, not one less.