Since the age of six, I have been drawing, and painting to impress others, loving the feeling of making someone say 'WOW' and smile makes me smile right back!

Around two years ago, I got introduced to the most creative social groups I have ever seen; the 'Anime' fandom and the 'Furry' fandom, both of which have influenced my art very much.

I specialize in digital drawings of anthropomorphic creatures in multiple different styles while selling prints and small products such as shirts, keychains, and necklaces at large conventions such as 'MCM ComicCon' and 'Confuzzled'.

Just under a year

ago, I began taking in commissions from people all around the world; asking me to draw their very own unique character for them, and I still do so. I aspire to be invited as a guest at conventions and to make concept art and more for many more individuals/companies.


Background commission. The commissioner asked Brice to draw as if he was inspired by the world within the game 'Destiny 2'.

Space Squid

Icon/profile picture commission. This commissioner has previously asked Brice to design many interesting creatures such as a 4 eyed crow, or a semi-translucent rabbit.


Illustration commission. The commissioner asked Brice to draw their anthropomorphic character under the stars, Brice was given a description of what they wanted and a reference sheet of the character.

Style Challenge

Brice's original character (Hirozu) in 16 different styles. From existing games and animated films.

Demon Slayer Fanart Poster

Fanart of the popular anime 'Demon Slayer'/'Kimetsu no Yaiba' aimed to sell at conventions. The fanart is formed into an anthropomorphic style.


Some of the more humanoid artwork that Brice has made. This was made for the celebration of LGBTQ+ pride month.