Charlotte May

Charlotte is a storyboard artist, character designer, and illustrator, inspired by the ability to tell stories visually and the challenges that come with it. Preproduction is where she wants to be, so after graduating, she plans to continue developing her skill set as a visual story artist as well as create exciting artwork.

Cats, Dance, and Crime Animatic

The animatic for my final year project - Cats Dance and Crime. After a murder in a Jazz club, the Detective pursues the femme fetale through the city streets of New York.

illustration of a group of jazz band cats

Jazz Cat Band

The film opens with these Jazzy guys, whose music follows you throughout the rest of the story.

An Abstract Dance

Although the Detective has left the club behind, the dance cats continue to help him search through an abstract world of colours, shapes, and jazz.

The Finale

The Detective has caught the murderer, but now, he has to out dance her...

Black and white illustration of a cat flying a plane

Fly Away With Me

A fineliner illustration of a cat flying an old fashioned style of plane.