Chris Pahle

Chris believes that animation can be the gateway to limitless imagination and driven by advances in computer science; the boundaries between fantasy and reality will continue to fade.

Chris Pahle specialises as a CG layout Artist and Generalist but dreams of becoming a Producer. He is well equipped in programs like Maya and substance painter and has a knack for previz layout. He has an in-depth understanding and practical experience of producing for CG pipelines as evidenced in previous films such as Burning Roots. With solid knowledge and skill that makes him strive as a team member and leader. Chris

is very ambitious, hard-working, and dedicated to his craft.

For a look at more of Chris's work, visit his website or Art station account to view newly created creative projects.

Burning Roots

4 minute 3D short film. Two naive best friends struggle to hold back a slowly decaying world, until one day their world becomes engulfed in flames. (Currently still in production)

Collaborators: James Hughes (Director), George Summers (Composer), Charlotte May (Storyboarder)

Futuristic Roads

This was a project to test my lighting and composition with minimal modelling techniques.

Viking Ship

This is a small project to test my texturing in substance painter with 8k texturing