David Torre

David Torre is a filmmaker and artist that creates stories to give the viewer a new perspective that will add value to their vision. He often uses comedy and surreal situations to tell these stories.

With a background in graphic design and illustration, David's focus is on communication, whether it is through CG Animation, 2D Animation, Cartoons, Illustration or branding, to create stand out concepts.

Mostly Shining

'Mostly Shining' is a comedy sketch show created by David Torre and Paris Bannerman. It features Freddy, Fanny and Little Freddy in surreal or relatable situations that unfold in a humorous way.

Collaborators: Paris Bannerman (Rigging, modelling, animation and sound)


A very short film about life during lockdown.

Staniel and Spaniel

Grandpa Staniel used to have beautiful hair, but now it's all gone. One day a bird lands on his head and an idea sparks, he tries all the animals looking for the perfect haircut until he meets Spaniel. He not only found the perfect new look but most importantly a new friend.

Collaborators: Paris Bannerman (Modelling, animation and sound)