Emma Tilbrook


Emma is an animator and artist specialising in 2D animation. Emma has refined her skills in character animation during her time at UWE. Recently, she finished directing and animating her final year film ‘SHUT THE F**K UP’; a dark comedy about a woman, driven to despair, who just wants some peace and quiet. Emma also loves to bring her sense of humour into her work as a member of the Braincase Collective.

Achievements & Experience

BA(Hons) Animation, 2017-2020
While at UWE Emma has worked as a producer for film "Holidays amongst the stars" while also producing, directing and animating on her film: "SHUT THE F**K UP".
Unique Voice: Sharpshotz, 11/2018 – 07/2019
Emma has worked with Unique Voice for SharpShotz; she animated as part of the winning campaign film tackling the important issue of period poverty.
BYG Systems, 18/03/19 – 22/03/19
Having had work experience at BYG Systems, Emma has gained training on how to use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects as well as insight into the workings of an e-learning company.
Chigwell School, 03/2019 - 08/2019
Emma has repeatedly run and assisted teaching animation workshops at Chigwell School, alongside having worked there as an art technician.

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A woman, driven to despair, just wants some peace and quiet. Produced, directed and animated by Emma Tilbrook. Animated in Toonboom Harmony. Additional animation by Jules Webb. Music by Josh Kashdan.


Showreel for 2020 Software used includes: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony and TV Paint.


Emma Designed, rigged and animated this brain as part of a two day animation workshop with Sun and Moon Studios. Animated in Toonboom Harmony.