Eve Bannister

Eve Bannister is an artist based in Bristol. Her background is rooted in drawing and illustration, but since studying Animation she has discovered the joys of puppetry and model-making, and bringing characters to life through stop motion.
During her time at UWE she has refined her skills in sculpture, moulding and casting, and metalwork to broaden her puppet-making knowledge. Eve now specialises in model-making and is currently working on a stop-motion film project at the NFTS as a prop-maker.

Maquette Selection

A selection of character maquettes made with chavant and plastilin clays. From left to right 'Loralai', 'Fitzgerald', 'Richard', 'Harvey', 'Wilfred'. Bottom 'Hugo'. 'Loralai' (Design by Georgie Bentley )

Instrument Creatures

Characters created with photoshop collage technique, using instruments and pre-existing 3D objects to design stop-motion puppets.

Instrument Maquettes

Some examples of sculpting from the photoshop collages, adjusting design to fit the 3D form and the clay as necessary. Left to right 'Franklyn', 'Tim', 'Alfie'

The Conductor

Maquette, ball and socket armature, and prototype puppet. Maquette sculpted with chavant clay. Ball and socket armature made in UWE's metalwork fabrication centre. Prototype puppet made from wire and foam armature with mixed media fabrics and textures for clothing design. Behind the scenes film can be found on vimeo page!


Table, chairs and bar stools for stop-motion film. Includes k+s rigging to secure puppets on the seats. Made from balsa wood and painted with acrylic paints.


This sculpture was created during lockdown as a found object experiment, using recyclable materials. This piece consists of a milk carton, cardboard, a broken lightbulb, a dozen cocktail sticks, a lollipop stick, and four tin cans.