Hana Nagoor M.

Hana is a production coordinator and filmmaker in animation and film. She has worked on projects of various mediums and loves working on funny films, with a strong message. She has an eye for detail and is organised, creative, and proactive. When she’s not making long to-do lists or scribbling ideas, Hana enjoys travelling, photography, and participating in activities that benefit the environment and people.

You can contact Hana for the link to the films she has worked on.

In Your Head. \

Joe experiences a nightmare as he struggles to write his exam. Will he be able to complete his paper before time runs out? Or will his nightmare last forever… This is my graduate film and my main roles included: Directing, Producing, Editing, Animating, Foley. Please contact me for film link.


Here is my showreel! It includes some of the projects I had worked on as a filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer, etc over the past few years. You can contact me for a link to my recent graduate film 'In Your Head' and any of the previous films/projects I worked on.

Set build during BFI animation camp.

Teaching Assistant at the BFI animation camp.

I worked as a teaching assistant for the Stop-motion animation camp. The camp is a one-week intensive course run by 'Calling the Shots'. I helped deliver animation workshops to young children between the ages of 16-19. I also assisted a team of students with the production of their short film.

What's That Sound? - Stop motion, mixed media film. Contact for link to full film.

What's That Sound?

A jazzy film about a red triangle and an exotic bird. This collaborative student film was aimed at primary school children and went on to win 'Best Film' in the 'Wirksworth 3 Minute Film Festival'! My roles included producing, story-development, modelmaking, animating, set design etc. Please contact me for full film.

Collaborators: Christopher Childs (Director)


A film and campaign made by St Bede's pupils to raise awareness about body shaming. I took on the role of production coordinator and animator and helped guide the students through the production.

Dinner for Two.

This was a short film I worked on during my study exchange in Hong Kong. The film was submitted for the 'Moment Invitational Film Festival (MIFF)' and was shot on an iPhone in one shot. For this film I worked as an assistant director.