James McDonald

I am a freelance designer/animator studying at the Bristol School of Animation at UWE, with a strong understanding of rigging 2D characters and compositing in Adobe After Effects. I have a keen interest in art and design, theatre and science fiction. I can work under pressure independently or together with a team for a company. I always deliver high-quality work to deadline. My peers recognise my skills in project management, such that I have been a student rep for my course for two years at UWE and President of the UWE Animation Society for a year. I was

a member of the organising committee for my degree show and a member of the UWE LGBT+ team for six months.

The Space Bar - Ship Sequence

My goal this year was to create a pilot episode for a series I could work to pitch after graduating. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, I wasn't able to complete the episode to its full planned length so I made sure to complete this sequence. Language Warning!