Jules Webb

Hey, I'm Jules, a 2D Digital Animator, Character Designer and Illustrator. I've recently finished directing and animating my final year film 'Holidays Amongst the Stars'; a dark parody on 1960s travelogues and vintage sci-fi. I am a member of the Braincase Collective, where we work collaboratively on animation, illustration and other multimedia projects, some of which to be announced soon!

I am also working on a series of numbered, rough sketchbooks (Which I scan and upload to my website) and a few animated shorts. After working in the industry on various projects which interest me, I want to become a

teacher and lecturer of Animation and Art and use my experience to guide young people towards becoming professionals themselves.

Jules Webb - Animation Showreel 2020

My animation showreel for 2020

Holidays Amongst the Stars - Trailer #1

Trailer for my directorial debut film, Made with BRAINCASE COLLECTIVE and UWE School of Animation