Paris Bannerman

My name is Paris, and wacky and fun animation is my passion; telling stories through unique styles drawn from vibrant character and colour design. I am interested in continuing this trend and working with a team of like-minded people, being part of a group or studio to collaborate with and further my creative journey.

Mostly Shining

A colorful, waky and surreal sketch show made to make you laugh! Mostly Shining draws from a vibrant design in its characters, colour and story that will make it a memorable three minutes!

Collaborators: David Torre (Writer, storyboarder, character design, animator)


Made for the BBC this uniquely styled short tells the story of a man who is sent into a maddening world where the surrealness of technology and his relation to it is a nightmare he must escape from.

Collaborators: David Torre (Writer, storyboarder, character design, animator)

Staniel & Spaniel

A short and sweet story about bald Grandpa Staniel who sets out to find a new hairdo but makes a new friend along the way.

Collaborators: David Torre (Animator, Rigger, Storyboarder, writer, animator)

Clyde plays the matchbox

Having taught myself blender this is the first rough animation I have produced. In this clip I am experimenting with movement, sound, lighting and frame rates to develop a unique style.

Game Design

An example of two games I have been making in Unreal Engine. The wolf on the top is a fully controllable third person character while the woman on the bottom is being designed and rigged for a game demo.


These are some commissions of character art I have done for people. They are all made and modeled in Zbrush and then edited in Photoshop.