Petra da Silva Dlugiewicz


Ahoy! I'm Petra!

I'm an illustrator/animator with a little background in art history, and I'm looking to do character animation/art direction in the future! I do lots of character art, from portraying well-known characters in unusual ways to characters representing a weird concept.

I've been drawing digitally for just about ten years, starting out on a tiny Nintendo 3ds screen to using a proper Cintiq and mastering Photoshop, as well as Clip Studio Paint.

Animation wise, I specialise in animating characters, having animated for a children's short film "Colourtoo", which I also co-wrote and storyboarded for. I've also contributed to other projects such as "Witch don't kill my vibe" with a dance loop of a character.

Overall, my professional experiences lie generally in characters, character design, and character animation, with a hint of storyboarding and surrealism.

Achievements & Experience

Animated, Co-Wrote, Storyboarded, and made the animatic for "Colourtoo", a children's short that got accepted into many film festivals across the country.

I am the former Equity Officer for the Animation Society, as well as being the leading artist for many posters advertising society events.

I've graduated from the Bristol College of Art in Graphic Design and Art History.

BA(Hons) Animation, University of the West of England (2017-2020)


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Featured Projects:

April Showreel

A gathering of my most recent pieces of animation, including scenes from my short film "Holly"

Melting Moon

Finished for the Sailor Moon redraw tag floating around social media a few months ago.

Obsidian Tower

A different take to how fusion works in the animated TV show 'Steven Universe'

Yellow Magic K.K.

This piece is of an Animal Crossing based redraw of the Yellow Magic Orchestra album cover.

Sekiro Sword Saint

This is part of a series of Sekiro illustrations I did in my free time.