Priska Rafel


My name is PRISKA RAFEL, also known as 'eggyolkbao' on the internet. I am a 3D artist based in Indonesia. Since I am a generalist, my work ranges from animation, 3D modelling, and illustration. I am currently learning how to code in Unity so that I can make my own games in the future!

My deep curiosity in everything is contrasting with my love of mundane things. I can usually be found walking around the aisle of the nearest grocery store.

Achievements & Experience

- 3D Animator in Glue Studios Malaysia (2017-2018)
- 3D Modeller participant for Bristol Global Game Jam 2020
- BA(Hons) Animation, University of the West of England

Featured Projects:

Cotton Road

Cotton Road is about exploring items that can be found in the dark web, displayed like normal corner shop items, inside a shady store in the middle of nowhere. Play it here: Asset Showcase:

3D Low Poly Assets

I do a lot of animated 3D objects in my free time. The objects I created were mostly mundane thematic objects. The visuals are mostly flat colors with cel-shaded lighting that fits indie games aesthetic. Animated gifs are available at

Wake Up Game

In charge of visual development and animation. This is a horror puzzle game about Lucy who was woken up into a nightmare in her own house and trying to find a way out. Full preview: