Tara Lonergan


I'm a 2D Animator, Artist, and Writer, drawn to story in animation. Within storytelling, I'm inspired by the classic imagery and universality of fables & folklore, which I use in my scriptwriting, design, and storyboarding- utilising the grandiose concepts of old stories for playful, dynamic animation.

My love of folklore is most apparent in my in-progress Grad Film "Don't Touch the Stone", which adapts Irish Mythological elements into a contemporary Mythic-Action short, emulative of much 2000s' television animation.

Down the line, I aim to work on my own, auteur short film projects while developing in the industry as a 2D Character Animator.

Achievements & Experience

BA(Hons) Animation, University of the West of England (2017-2020)


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Featured Projects:

2D Animation Showreel - July 2020

Still from my in-progress Grad Film "Don't Touch the Stone"

Still from my in-progress Grad Film "Don't Touch the Stone"

Moon Illustration

Folkloric Giant Illustration