Alexandra Richardson


I use a creative and research-led approach to design, making environmentally considered work influenced by the natural world. The aim of my work is to explore how the design industry can be made more sustainable by making pieces that are innovative, engaging, and informative. I believe that designers have the responsibility to ensure that the work they produce generates a minimal negative impact on the world. This involves careful consideration of methods, materials, waste, and the message communicated. As such, much of my work is made from organic or waste materials, often creating new material combinations with a focus on surface textures and patterns.

Achievements & Experience

MA Design, UWE Bristol, 2020
Completing an MA Design to further my design knowledge and skills with a focus on sustainable design methods.

Enterprise Impact and Innovation Scholarship Award, 2020
Funding awarded to support the creation of a virtual platform to engage people with the project “Everyday Algae”.

Enterprise Start-Up Scholarship Award, 2019 & Santander Try-It Award, 2020
Awarded funding and mentoring to start up a business creating products using sustainable and cruelty-free leather alternatives.

Zizzi Mural Commission, 2018
Commissioned to paint two murals in Zizzi’s Canterbury restaurant, using the location of the restaurant to inspire the murals.

New Designers Zizzi Fresh Talent Award, 2018
Received this prestigious award for a “Creative Conservation” project celebrating endangered species and promoting their protection in a positive light.

BA Graphic Design - Oxford Brookes University, 2018
Graduated with 1st Class Honours for projects exploring environmental and animal-focused issues, using a uniquely creative approach.

Featured Projects:

Everyday Algae - Seaweed Research

The Everyday Algae project aims to challenge preconceptions about algae; enabling this organic material to become more widely used within the design industry. This collection explores seaweed as a sustainable material and source of colour.

Everyday Algae - Spirulina Research

A collection from the Everyday Algae project using Spirulina to demonstrate the benefits and potential applications for algae, while challenging negative preconceptions of microalgae.

Pinatex: an ethical alternative to leather

Pinatex Card Holders

Product development for a line of accessories made from Pinatex: a sustainable and ethical alternative to leather. This collection is in response to a lack of affordable and ethical products using good quality, sustainable, and animal-free materials.

Zizzi Canterbury Mural

One of two murals commissioned within Zizzi's Canterbury restaurant after winning the New Designers Zizzi Fresh Talent Award 2018. The murals depict horses surrounded by traditional medicinal plants, inspired by Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and the building's history as a medieval hospital.

Surface Pattern Design

An exploration of surface pattern design, taking inspiration from natural imagery. Outcomes are predominantly created through screen printing, laser cutting, and textile manipulations, with a specific focus around colours and patterns.