Elise Fisher

I am a multidisciplinary designer-maker, specialising in food design. I explore the interplay between food/drink, product and user. The interactions experienced by a diner during meal times intrigues me; this includes the relationship between a consumer and their food, the people they are dining with or the actual eating process. I create physical products used to present, serve and consume food/drink to establish deliberate and meaningful interactions. By manifesting immersive, communal and intimate moments, within the dining context, I seek to reimagine the dining experience; whether it be during a family meal, dinner party or in a restaurant setting.

In challenging traditional forms and processes of eating, my enquiry transforms mealtimes into valuable moments.

We all have to eat, why should we not do it in such a way that is meaningful, social and most importantly, fun.


'Decant' reinvents the traditional decanter form. It provides a fun, engaging and socially interactive experience which transforms the act of sharing a bottle of wine. Users must work together to ‘plug’ the holes to create a watertight pouring vessel before serving. Capacity: 1 Litre | Material: Recycled Glass Bottles.


'Sediments' narrow circumference directs aromas towards the nose and allows users to fully grasp the vessel; establishing a close connection between user and product. The central, solid, cork-inspired form helps keep the contents cool while drawing attention to the beauty of corks structure. Capacity: 100mls | Material: Recycled Glass Bottles.


'Assemblage' celebrates corks natural bark form while demonstrating the successful application of recycled cork stoppers. The tactile nature of the glass holder allows users to really ‘get to grips’ with corks physical properties. Corks insulative quality protects hands from heat and keeps cold drinks cool. Material: Recycled Cork Stoppers.


'Oaked' offers a stimulating product/user interaction. Users must determine how the uneven terrain of the glass’ base fits on top of the cork coaster. Users are thereby encouraged to engage with the actual act of picking up and putting down a drink. Capacity: 380mls | Material: Recycled Glass Bottles.


Inspired by traditional Frog Mugs, 'Corked' features a ceramic cork form in its centre. As the hot drink drains, the structure is revealed. The surprising feature adds humour to the drinking experience. The handleless form allows users to hold the vessel closely with both hands. Capacity: 150mls | Material: Earthenware.


Your taste buds will be tingling with anticipation as you watch your favourite sauce spiral into your dessert. Users are encouraged to appreciate the plated dessert before tucking into it, as they await on the hand-built swirl to guide sauce directly into the centre of the bowl. Material: White Earthenware.