Elizabeth Diamond

My practice reflects the delicate balance of ocean life, exploring the possibilities of algae within ceramics. To challenge, can my practice shine light on ocean acidification? Following this narrative I hope to make you question the damage in rising Co2 levels and the effects to ocean inhabitants.

I want you to find stillness and humbleness in my forms, when they are darkened, until light enlightens you, giving clarity of patterns on these clean and now transparent shapes. Light transforms my ceramics, not only visually but also through the metaphor of ‘Shining Light’ on ocean acidification.

Algae plays a pivotal

part in my practice, I approach my work akin to a scientist, dissecting and analysing. These investigations lead me to utilising natural silica found in seaweed, creating a one material ceramic glaze. I marvel at how this glaze can behave. The crackles, crystals and bubbles adorn the pristine white surface.