Holly Bennett

I make sculpture of people, animals and unusual creatures, which I use as metaphors to tell an internal narrative. I work with great consideration, integrity and humour, and I communicate through direct visual impact and shared emotive response. I aim to create sculpture that is exciting and moving, and which speaks to an audience who is interested in engaging with areas of deeper significance within our lives.

The original sculpture is modelled in wax and then cast as a limited edition into a vibrant British-made eco-resin, which creates an aesthetic that keeps the beautiful translucent qualities

of the wax, while remaining accessible to a wide audience.

Bizarre Creature Riders sculpture

Bizarre Creature Riders.

Eco-resin. 40 x 19 x 6.5cm. Edition of 24. These riders are sitting steadily, whether their Bizarre Creatures are running along, gliding through the air with a grace not expected from such a blobular form, or leaping up suddenly. They are able to stay in balance however unexpected their circumstances.

Bouncing O's sculpture

Bouncing O’s.

Eco-resin. 55 x 36 x 11cm. Edition of 24. These people bouncing along on their O's, whose motion feels like being carried in the weightlessness of viscus liquid. This means they can bounce to great heights without fear and then drop down to bounce again, which allows for limitless expression.

Nature Spirit Rider sculpture

Nature-Spirit Riders XI, XII & XIII.

Eco-resin. 62 x 17 x 7cm. Edition of 24. The Nature-Spirit Riders have come out of the woods together after a long journey, and are cantering along in an easy harmony. Perhaps they represent something that we long to return to, and which still remains available for us to remember.

Women on Round Creatures sculpture

Women on Round Creatures.

Eco-resin. 50 x 14 x 5.5cm. Edition of 24. The first rider is looking backwards towards the second pair, who are just arriving. Sometimes it can seem necessary to wait for another part of the self to catch up in order to be able to proceed together as a whole.

Creature Men sculpture


Eco-resin. 14 x 11 x 6cm. Edition of 24. The Creature-Runners are trotting along with an aim to get somewhere, and they are bringing their creatures with them. The second runner has had to run faster to catch up, and his creature is trying to be as stream-lined as possible.

O Man sculpture


Eco-resin. 13 x 14 x 12cm. Edition of 24. The O Man has found his “O,” whatever that might be, and he has stopped to consider it. It is simultaneously hollow and complete, and he has found wholeness through being with his reality, rather than from trying to avoiding it.