Joëlle Paulson


A professional lacemaker and designer, my MA work has combined, among other things, the continued exploration of this centuries-old craft with its contemporary realisation through a variety of media and techniques. Adopting metalwork, ceramics, 3D-printing and many other techniques and materials I created new possibilities for lace, including structural ceramics, concrete and furniture.

I am experienced in many other types of needlework and I am a passionate promoter of traditional crafts: my YouTube lacemaking channel where I share instructional videos has over 24,000 subscribers. I also manufacture lacemaking equipment and design lace patterns which I sell to a global customer base through my online shop.

I have expertise in traditional forms of visual communication, having studied with calligraphy masters in France and at Harvard University’s Houghton Library. I have completed many private commissions as well as commemorative work for universities and churches.

Achievements & Experience

MA Design (Distinction), UWE
BA Honours French & Spanish (1st), University of Southampton

> Graphic Design, Université Laval, Canada
> Calligraphy, Atelier Michel Derre, France
> Calligraphy, Beaux-Arts de Toulouse, France
> Illuminated Manuscripts, Harvard University, USA

> Entrepreneur: lace design, lace-making product manufacture, website, blog,
online sales, YouTube channel
> Wedding Clerk: celebratory and commemorative documents for parish church
> Small Business Administration Manager: supplier management, marketing,
general administration
> Freelance Calligrapher: multiple projects for institutional and private clients
> Freelance Translator

Featured Projects:

Quadro Lace Chair

Chair designed with my own original lace pattern worked at large scale, with rope, and with purpose-made 3D-printed tools.

SoLace Chair

My second lace chair design, soft but strong woven cotton over a steel frame, a chair to cocoon yourself into. An original lace pattern worked at many times its usual scale to create beautiful shadows in your home.

Handmade Ceramic Tiles

Handmade bas-relief wall tiles from original lace patterns.

Concrete Floor Slabs

Concrete tiles (40cm x 40cm) produced from moulds of an original large scale lace design made with rope. They look great as flooring but would also make a statement as cladding.


Recent Examples of Calligraphy Work