Linda Devo


I am a versatile artist and maker, producing works that seek to question and interrogate self and society.

The intersectionality of being an African, Caribbean, European, neurodivergent, disabled 50-year-old woman informs my cultural contexts.

I have a deep interest in the spiritual and bodily, multi-sensory beings that we are. It is how we tick and how design is used as a tool to meet the needs and wants of our species that drives me to make.

My multidisciplinary practice embraces technology and traditional making skills, along with a sensitive, ethical use of materials. I seek to design objects that create connections, encouraging repeated use as an antidote to throwaway design.

The objects I create often have an element of playfulness, are anthropomorphic and encourage interaction and delight between multiple senses.

Achievements & Experience

Participant in UWE Schools of Art and Design & Film and Journalism Postgraduate Student Events Programme in 2019 then along with three of my post graduate peers, went on to create and organise the programme for 2020 Postgraduate Student Colloquium and associated workshops. This series offered students from different creative disciplines opportunities to present, discuss and network in a supportive, safe environment.
UWE Summer Scholarship 2019. I was chosen to join the annual cohort of students receiving a fund, a business mentor and coaching.
Successful applicant to UWE Enterprise Dragon’s Den Challenge 2019. I won a sum of money to develop an innovative idea that metamorphosed into one part of my final Masters project.
Teacher of Art, Design & Construction, KS4 and above, 2005 – Current
A successful business owner working as a cabinetmaker and joiner in London, 1995 – 2005

Featured Projects:

Asante Warrior Doll D.F.W.M.

Ceramic hollow vessel decorated with Adinkra symbols relevant to the artist

Grid Ball System

First prototype for Sensa Wall, an innovative wellbeing piece for the home.

Full Heart Day-Glo Jacket

Mixed media piece: conker skin, chocolate, copper foil, timber, silicon, UV paint and UV light, wire.

Gorgon Zola

Inspiration, process model and scale prototype for interactive sculpture

Parent and Child, Hats Off.

Ceramic experiments in form and finish.

Not Free

Kinetic sculpture using plasma cutter and weld.