Amy Jasmine Ireland


My paintings and sculptures are surreal and immersive. Sometimes striving to generate escapism, often inspired by natural sciences, internal structures of organisms and fundamental processes, functional manifestations as human behaviour, and organic beauty.

I research neuroscience alongside philosophy. Visually exploring juxtapositions of hard data in parallel to metaphysical questions: exploring ideas generated and their inconsistencies. Examining micro/macro dimensions, playing with surrealism, distorted scale. This allows exploration of nuances that define our wildly subjective perceptions and understandings of our worlds. Reading colour in music allows for fluid articulation of painting emotions.

Since graduating I've scaled-up my work. I want to reach audiences excluded from sometimes elitist arts spaces which can fail to represent and include the diverse creative community. I've collaborated with Trenchone (Ross Blair) on a large-scale public wall at Glasgow's SWG3 Yardworks. We've since begun talks to collaborate on a design proposal for painting the SWG3's 33mx13m roof.

Achievements & Experience

BA(Hons) Drawing and Print, First class, UWE Bristol, 2020
The Open University: BA/BSc Open degree, 2015

Artist Residency with Hamilton House. Unfortunately, this residency is no longer secured due to the ongoing pandemic. Whatever happens, I am most grateful to my tutors for this support and opportunity.


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Featured Projects:

'Catalyst' (work in progress)

Triptych: Acrylic on Wood, 210cmx160cm, 2020-present



Acrylic on Wood, 70cmx70cm, 2020

string theory

'String Theory'

Acrylic on Wood, 4x4 foot, 2018

me and trench

'Yardworks Collaboration 2020' 8ftx20ft

'Life Force', myself and Ross Blair (TrenchOne) painted this mural over 3 days of yellow weather warning rain in Glasgow, and my first time using spray paint. Hopefully we'll be commissioned again despite the setbacks. This was painted in celebration of Scottish street art culture, Yardworks is an annual event.


'Àm Ùr'

Acrylic on Canvas and Wood, 55cmx55cm, 2019



Acrylic on wood, 45cmx45cm, 2019