Catherine Graham

I'm an illustrator specialising in 2D work using a wide and adaptable range of media including drawing, print, collage, photography and digital media.
Stories are central to my work and I love to explore animal, human, architectural and organic forms in this context.
I have taken commissions from clients and enjoy creating work collaboratively. Commissions have been taken online with an extensive range of clients.
I am a hard and dedicated worker, always looking to improve my practice. I thoroughly enjoy learning new skills which aid me in making new work that can be applied to many different situations.

Discovery of the Heart

Experimental digital/pencil hybrid work done for my third year narrative project, 'The Crystal City'. A city dweller discovers the sentient, crystalline Entity that lives in the Mountain on which the City rests.

Linocut image

The Empty City

Large linocut work, inked over in pen. Inspired by comic layouts, inking techniques, and papercut artist Callum Russel. I wanted to get across the feeling of desolation in a graphic way, influenced by still shots and cuts of landscapes in films such as 28 Days Later.

The Village

One of seven large collages made for my narrative project. This shows the small village built by survivors of the sentient Crystal Entity's attack on the City after a piece of itself was taken by a miner.

City Buildings Models

Test models created to experiment with angles, compositions and settings for my narrative project. Glue and card.

Desolation (colour test)

Digital colour test made before assembling collage depicting this scene of the boy hero of the story finding the city in ruins. A digital colour test like this one was created before every collage in order to refine colour choices.

The Boy befriends the Guide Cats

One of 12 linocut images made to accompany the seven collages. In this image, the boy hero of the story meets two friendly ctiy cats, who help guide him to his lost father and later to the Crystal Entity itself.