India Leadsom

I grew up with flowers in every part of the house: daffodils for Easter; sweet peas for summer; roses for autumn; and hyacinths at Christmas. Flowers mark re-union, celebration, the cycle of life and even grief.

My chosen medium is silverpoint. This technique dates back as far as Leonardo da Vinci. I prime a board with rabbit skin glue mixed with zinc white, this surface reacts with the metal and leaves behind a subtle mark. This has forced me to distinguish very light tones and find a range within them.

Flowers have enabled me to focus and express experiences and

emotions. I play with negative space. These empty spaces represent the unsaid and the unknown. We are all living with question marks, in heavy contrast to the familiar detail around us.

Roses in Silverpoint 1

6x4ft Large Silverpoint

Roses in Silverpoint 2

6x4ft Large Silverpoint

Daffodil 1

2ftx16in Silverpoint and Buff Titainium

Daffodil 2

2ftx16in Silverpoint and Buff Titainium

Roses in Screenprint 1

Roses in Screenprint 2