Robyn Packham

Herefordshire based artist specialising in drawing, painting, illustration and print making. Graduated with a First Class Degree in Drawing and Print BA (Hons) and was awarded with the 2020 Vice Chancellor's Painting Prize, and The 2021 Dumfries House Artist Residency Award.

My artwork stems from my love for observational drawing. It enables me to process and contemplate my surroundings, where I observe people and importantly, our shared environment.
Be it a surround of trees and nature, or a dimly lit interior space, I endeavour to capture the intimacy and sincerity of place in my work. Therefore my

art practice tends to consist of biographical, seemingly understated scenes, with paint or dry media, that possess a quiet, observational quality. The honesty that is channeled into these studies results in handmade worlds on canvas, board or paper that possess a rich, nostalgic human presence.

Memory Overlap 4, Gibraltar. Oil on canvas, 100x100cm

Awarded with the UWE Vice Chancellor's Painting Prize 2020, this piece is part of a series of work centered around memory and places of personal significance. This nostalgic landscape of my birthplace in Gibraltar is obstructed by the present, a Bristol walkway lined with wintery trees.

Corner of the Garden, Lockdown Scene. Oil on board, 51x41cm

This atmospheric piece depicts the shroud of leaves that contained my family and I over the months of lockdown. Natural borders of trees and wildlife enclose us within, cutting us off from the world outside. A quiet quality of human presence despite only portraying nature thriving amongst the chaos.

Garden, Lockdown Scene. Oil on Board, 51x41cm

My father's garden, his shovel vicariously leaning against the fence as though he has just placed it there and left the frame. The solitude and sanctuary of being at home with my family during lockdown.

Artist Studio/ Bedroom, Lockdown Scenes. Mixed Media Oil on Canvas

Painted from life during lockdown. I became fascinated with how we adapt to conditions out of our control, adopting new ways of working and living. This painting is filled with a sense of optimism and safety, however the looming, caging window casts its shadow over my small interior world.

Shielding, Lockdown Scene. Graphite and Watercolour on paper, 100x150cm

My family shielding in our garden, where the only glimpse of the outside world is a small corner of sky peering through the thick trees surrounding us. Layers of natural borders keeping us contained, safe yet isolated, separated from the world outside.

Garden Pattern, Lockdown Scene. Oil and pencil on Board, 56x62cm

A painted collage conveying rich pattern in nature which can be found in the garden. Saturated colour, organic line and an array of textures aid in depicting how nature thrives and flourishes throughout and despite our human struggles.