Rūta Niuniavaitė

I have delved into many topics throughout my three years of study, but my interest invariably lies within memorabilia, the feeling of being human, evoking states of mind, recounting upon lost recollections, exposing raw femininity. Painting from memories and photographs is important for me, I think it's crucial to be honest within your practice, I feel I'm the best within my practice when I share my personal memories - our minds are complex and we all remember things differently. It's crucial to display that, and I display it within my oil paintings. Growing up in Lithuania, I hold value

in the places we inhabit, the identities we inhabit in each and every place - our surroundings deeply sway us as beings.


Oils on primed paper, 40.5cm x 29.5cm


Oils on primed paper, 40.5cm x 29.5cm.


Oils on wooden board.


Oils on canvas, 100cm x 100cm.


Crop of oil painting on canvas.


Oils on canvas, 41cm x 51cm.