Chloe Marshall

As an aspiring Creative Director and Image-maker, I draw upon personal experiences to create work that will have a fresh take on fashion.

Nostalgic references feature throughout my work with early 2000’s era styling, further explored within my image-making by using mediums including; old cameras, physical collage, and photocopying.

Inspired by popular culture, I explore topics such as feminism and mass media, as well as drawing on influences from music and television. These references create a narrative within my work, often with humour and political undertones - themes which are important to me as I am looking for my work to

have a purpose and influence others.

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Gak Magazine

Gak is a fashion magazine exploring different aspects of popular culture. Mixing editorial content with humorous undertones, shown are some of the highlights from this issue. Taking you on a mini-tour of our self-obsessed online world where everyone’s horny or wanting to be famous.

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Nokia x Burberry Advertisements

Imagined campaign images commenting on the 21st Century’s growth in technology. A teenager accompanied by the tag line “how the fuck do you use this” is a role reversal of older generations struggling with new technology.


Promotion for Ugly Bitch x Swilly Capsule Collection. Swilly is a small area within the town of Plymouth; this campaign aims to shine a light on the area through visual storytelling and tailored Instagram strategy. on Instagram