Chloe Matthews

Specialising in graphic design and branding, I have achieved a first-class degree in Fashion Communication. The combination of design with strategy, allows me to envision a creative solution, to visually represent brands, engage and grow their audience.

With the ambition to work as a Brand Strategist, I have diversified my portfolio to feature clients from the fashion, music, design and drinks industry. By adapting my extensive design skillset, I can produce brand-appropriate material with a contemporary and refreshing twist.

I am always looking to collaborate with like-minded creatives and brands - so please get in contact if you are interested in

working together!

Motion Graphic: Be a creative the future needs

An intended proposal for Superimpose Global to create an animation which communicates the future of creatives, post pandemic. The animation showcases digital art in combination with typography, to convey a thought-provoking message.

360 Creative Campaign: Visionless

360-creative campaign covers online, print and guerrilla marketing tactics. Forming a visual brand identity, through a core colour scheme and consistently distorted typography. Designed a GIF to inform the viewer of the origin of the brand; print and digital content with the intention to increase exposure offline and online.

Event Concept & Marketing: Beefeater Gin

Commissioned by Beefeater Gin to plan creative concepts for events during Valentine’s, to promote their product range. Implementing my digital art & graphic design skills to design logos and create attractive artwork inspired by their brand identities. This was used on cocktail menus and promotional social media posts.

Merch Design: WAX Music

Commissioned by independent music platform Wax Music, to create a limited-edition T-shirt, in collaboration with So Young Magazine and launched through Everpress. My design is an extension of the brand’s logo, which is inspired by a music record. The warped lines of the record imitate the motion of sound waves.

Content Creation: Digital Art for Sensergy

Selected by the founder of the creative platform Sensergy to create a series of digital art content which represented their vision of the future of design. I tailored my digital art to capture the neon-green aesthetic of their branding and later featured on their social media platform.