Codie Scott

My goal is simple: to produce stories that are worth sharing. I take a studied and honest approach to storytelling to mirror mediations of life. How things are connected, how I’m connected to people, product, place and ideas. I take these developed connections to build cohesive stories that communicate a message through a number of disciplines, specifically still and moving image.

My images are character-driven portraiture while my films lean toward themes that are imitations of life—taking a versatile approach to creating a narrative that is both playful and candid, while providing a refreshing and relatable perspective.

work is about the creative processes and the collaboration; I enjoy ideation, concept development, the pre and post-production process that comes with developing creative work, and while I value the energetic, collaborative nature of film and image making, I also appreciate the intimate connections I build with models.

Growing Pains (Film)

A semi-autobiographical film about recognising how peaceful and unproblematic youth was, even if it didn’t seem it at the time: a juxtaposition of its title. This film embodies the everyday mundanity of life in a small town and is a visual adaptation in memory of our adolescence.

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Growing Pains (book)

Documenting the journey and outcome of the film. A visual meditation and a soundscape of the small town it's set in. Revealing a unique perspective to the production of the film as the focus shifts behind the cameras lens to capture the concept, the location and cast.

Wild Strings by Eleanor

Commissioned to produce photographic content for the brands' debut collection. Our visual intention was to be simple and considered not only to reflect the brands DNA but to capture women in an environment who inspire its future. This mantra threads through every part of Wild String’s design process.

Peregrine A/W Campaign

A live brief set by Peregrine to produce a still and moving image to promote their A/W19 collection to a larger target audience. Working closely with a creative team to narrate a synergy between the clothing and who wears them while marrying the content to the brands' visual identity.

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Oaf Press for Lazy Oaf

A Live brief – The concept was to tell the stories of creatives who set the standard for Lazy Oaf. Inspired by those who embody not only a confidence and modern sensibility, but more, an inescapable sense of self.

Radio Silence

Navigating creativity isn’t always easy; these moving images tackle head-on frustration, fragility and the creative block we all experience when producing work. The concept is an attempt to colour outside of the lines through a montage of still and moving image.