Sophie Howard

An enthusiastic and driven Fashion Communication Graduate, my practice is informed by an exploration into identity and heritage, visually representing this through the medium of photography and creative direction. My work sets out to capture honesty and relatability, often representing real people within their own environments. I often draw on my personal identity and passions to help shape my imagery.

I aspire to work within a passionate team focusing on creative communication, planning and producing inspiring content. Previous work experience and various personal projects have allowed me to develop a strong style which is elevated through in-depth research and personal


This element of research is something I continuously incorporate into my practice, my ability to curate and develop ideas from scratch - using meticulous organisational skills - making me a valuable asset to a team specialising in production roles.

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Image Series - Matriarchal Wales

Matriarchal Wales set out to illustrate the power and importance of women within the South Wales Valleys. All those cast were close friends and family who I felt embodied the strength and resilience of women within both our communities, and within our nation.

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Research Zine - Matriarchal Wales

The second part of the Matriarchal Wales project, which came in the form of a research zine. The project was led by really extensive research, exploring the historical context behind why women are such pivotal members of Welsh communities, looking into mining history as well as my personal history.

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Through the aid of historical, cultural and scientific research, the imagery and publication created intended to guide the reader into forming their own perceptions of the colour red and question its true meaning.

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The Everyday British Woman

A proposed brand strategy for French designer Jacquemus' A/W UK collection launch. The images intended to document the 'everyday British woman'- capturing the mundane of the everyday routine in both an urban and domestic setting.