Daniel Hallam


Designer Daniel Hallam and his brand, HALLAM studios aims to challenge preconceived ideas about sustainability in fashion through longevity, wearability, innovation and sustainability. He pushes to innovate through original knit techniques, experimenting with finishings and seams, creating exciting textures and perfecting the fit of garments. The brand is always, unconsciously sustainable, whether this is through utilising recycled yarns and fabrics or through upcycling vintage pieces that have history and narrative. These ethics carry through all the collections and resonate with consumers in how they live their lives and value the past that's dear to them.

Achievements & Experience

Shortlisted for John Lewis Design Award in 1st Year of the degree

Shortlisted to 60 students in the country for the Anne Tyrell Portfolio Awards in 2nd Year of the degree

Won The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters Award in final year, given a financial grant and recognised by the UK's most established Knitwear Livery Company, being 1 of 10 in the country to win this award.

Won funding from Santander Enterprise to develop and support the start of a business idea.


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Featured Projects:

Unified - Conversation by fashion graduates on the industry, the future and being a student

Graduating Fashion students from the class of 2020 Bristol UWE hold a discussion on topics about the industry, experiences and the future, in collaboration with London Fashion Week 2020 and the BFC (British Fashion Council).

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Working Nostalgia - Final Collection (Snippet)

This initial collection focuses on heritage and nostalgia, finding inspiration in family history to create a personal and contemporary response to historical references. Print abstraction and experimental knit techniques bring innovation and new life to traditional processes and pieces, allowing the collection to explore new depths and approaches to Fashion and Textiles.

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The Isle of Denim

“The Isle of Denim” is a contemporary view of historical garments, with a focus on function, utility and identity. Taking the traditional language of denim styling and respecting the ergonomics of this functional and practical fabric, the collection pays homage to its history and the youth culture that redefined it.