Ellie Mills

In finding a solution to sustainability and stepping away from fast fashion, I find myself as a designer focusing on providing timeless pieces and garments that can evolve with the owner. I aim to deliver a modern aesthetic with the use of unique fabrics and detailed construction techniques.

Throughout studying my degree I have felt really inspired in my design processes by words, feelings, and contemporary art. Having that space and time to research in depth and breadth has been stimulating and I have tried to innovatively transform initial concepts into extremely marketable fashion deliveries.

During my Garment Technology internship, I

developed my professional technical skills in editing and reviewing specification packs, scrutinising measurements, tolerance and fit. I enjoyed the responsibility of refining and finalising production samples within the fast paced environment, and gained valuable insight into the management of the production cycle.


Graduating Fashion Textiles students from the UWE Bristol Class of 2020 hold a discussion on topics about the industry, experiences and the future, in collaboration with London Fashion Week 2020 and the BFC (British Fashion Council).

Collaborators: Daniel Hallam (Editor/ Speaker), alana flynn (Speaker)

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Concrete Space

Initially inspired by casts of negative space, the collection draws its visual inspiration from forms that exist both within and separately from the body. The research explores how spatial structures powerfully opposes architectural design in that of its elusive properties and invisible volume.

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Observation: Urban pollution waste will be increasingly harnessed into materials, challenging us to stem the toxicity of our environment. Action: Elevate its preciousness while exposing the impact of waste climatic atmospheres. This collection embodies an understanding of a good Anthropocene, with the use sustainable materials and flat geometric shapes.

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Fluid Comfort Capsule Collection

Draping feeds into fluid minimalism. Evokes feelings of wellbeing and calm. This collection explores active materials blended with comfort for an uplifting glamour. With a focus on elevated basics and soft silhouettes the weighted styles are designed to have a relaxing cocooning effect.

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Skin Canopys Capsule Collection

A bright but dusky pallet pays tribute to the patch work parachute that inspires the cut of the pieces in this collection. Addressing their haphazard drape when deflated, the shutes are thrown across the body and encompassed by probiotic clothing for a modern spin on the nylon jumpsuit.