Morgan-Lea Anker

As a designer I am bold and inventive. I take inspiration from the natural world and enjoy creating patterns from organic shapes and forms. Screen printing combined with natural dying are my greatest passions and I try to incorporate these techniques in everything I do.

Black and White Botanicals

This project was inspired by Kew Gardens. Throughout this collection I experimented with negative and positive spaces and played with different ways of creating patterns with the images I took at Kew.

Scientifically Psychedelic

This collection has a strong focus on science and chemical reactions. Different mediums such as acrylic paints, silicone, and food colouring were used to create a marbling effect and create mesmerising patterns.

Beautiful Mould

Inspired by mould and bacteria. Highlighting beauty associated with something ugly. Free hand techniques were used in these designs, applying screen printing paints and dyes directly onto the fabric.