Anna Meszaros

I am an aspiring cinematographer and camera operator with experience in various production roles. I have worked on a wide range of productions from short films and commercials to music videos.

During my studies I've gained experience in various camera/lighting department roles, such as camera assistant, camera operator and gaffer. For my specialist practice "The Dancer" I've chosen to do camera operating, using the Ronin II camera gimbal to perfect camera movements and evolve my craft as a cameraperson.

I've also written and directed a short film called "Nina's Tale", where I worked with many talented people, who put

their hearts into the project. During this production I gained a better understanding of the development process and how each department adds into creating the characters and storylines.

At the moment I am looking for a camera assistant/trainee positions to immerse in the craft of cinematography.

The Dancer

A short dancer video I've made by using an Arri Alexa Mini. This project was made for my specialist practice module, where I've decided to specialise in camera operating and camera movements using the Ronin II camera gimble.

Nina's Tale

PASSWORD: Nina2020 This video is password protected, due to film festival requirements. Please use the password above to be able to watch the video. I've written and directed this short film, which deals with a really personal and important subject matter, on sexual harassment, abuse, and the betrayal of trust.

Collaborators: Ioana (Gaffer), Frankie Cilia (1st AC Focus Puller), Liam Richards (Editor), Gwydion Ap Hedd (Producer), Jack Eyres (Sound Designer), George Baker (Director of Photography)

'Bob the Brain' - OTR Commercial

I was a the DOP/Camera operator of this project which was made for the Bristol based mental health organisation called Off The Record. Working close with the director my responsibility was to help to create an atmospheric puppetry world to achieve his vision.

Collaborators: Ioana (Colorist)

Preserve Foods Promotional Video

Working with local businesses, I had some experience to shoot some promotional videos for their social media accounts. I was the camera operator/DOP of this project, which was made for Preserve Foods and it's known that this is one of the best plastic free shops in Bristol.

Collaborators: Suzanna Rajnai (Creative Director), Niamh Cassidy (Producer)

Elevator - Harvey Nichols Commercial - Kodak 16mm

I was part of this project as a camera assistant. My responsibilities were to make sure I can assist the DOP in everything, moving set ups, helping with moving the camera dolly, and to document and keep record of the used film footage to be able to maximise the film.

Collaborators: Zoe Phelps (Production Design), Jasmine Luff (Art Department), Ali aj2-heyes (Director), Mac Harwood (Producer)

Showreel 2020