Callum Cutler

I am a recent graduate who specializes primarily in camera and directing but also has experience in; editing, colour grading, lighting and sound design. I have written and directed short films both inside and outside of university, with crews consisting of my fellow students. Throughout my years at university I made an income through freelancing projects consisting of music videos, promotional videos, photography and occasionally graphics.

I am experienced in programmes including; Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and DaVinci Resolve. I am fascinated by image and make sure I am always working on visual related projects. In years to come

hope to either establish myself as a D.O.P. or run my own video production company.

The Presence of Thin Air

I wrote and directed this film during my final year of university, with the help of 11 other students from my course. The film explores the concept of grief through the films protagonist Owen.

Collaborators: Charlie Palfreeman (Editor), Nathan Powles (Sound Designer )


A Short thriller I; wrote, shot, produced, edited, colour graded and helped do the foley for during the end of year two outside of university, with the help of other UWE students.

Bristol - Late lockdown

A short farewell video of Bristol during the late stages of Lockdown 2020. I shot, edited, colour graded and did the sound design for this video.

Callum Cutler 2017-2018 Showreel

An Old showreel which includes footage from a variety of different locations.