Chloe May Law

As an inspiring director and writer, I am developing a portfolio of films with a focus on young female characters who are passionate, talented and kind!

My background in theatre informs my directing for screen, and allows my approach to be actor focused.

During my time at university, I wrote, directed and produced a variety of films, including Support Our Services, HeartThrob and Flawed – production has been paused due to Covid-19.

Behind The Big Top

A documentary about Planet Circus OMG and the people who live and work there. Interviewed in the film is Max Salthouse, the Ringmaster, who gives an insight into how he lives and works at the circus. Paired with him is Mark Whitney, the director and producer for the circus, the two


Coming of Age Drama/Comedy following Mel, a shy 17-year-old aspiring guitarist, who must confront the idolised version of her favourite musician when he is accused of sexual harassment and find new drive in her own talents. The film takes on a surrealistic tone and set to a rock music soundtrack.

Collaborators: Suzanna Rajnai (Producer), Frankie Cilia (Director of Photography)

That Thing Advert

A series of online promotional content, created for the Instagram page of the store “That Thing”, based in Bristol, which houses around 50 independent, Bristol-based Designers.

Support Our Services

A documentary created by students, about student mental health in Bristol. We follow the team of five students “Support Our Services” who are campaigning to improve the Wellbeing Services at Bristol University.

Collaborators: Dominic Duck-Garnham (DoP), Frankie Cilia (Producer), Anna Meszaros (Editor)


A young man reflects on the end of his youth. 90 second short film.