Chris Danter

I am an aspiring camera operator, with a passion for natural light, symmetry and all things celluloid, including a love for 35mm photography and home processing.

I came to uni with some experience filming music videos and live performance, but have left with a passion for drama cinematography due to a new respect for the skill and subtlety needed to use light as a storytelling tool.

I am technically minded - whether it be analogue or digital I find ease with technology, however I feel I am at best working with other people making creativity happen. Whether I'm in the

workshop designing and building a bespoke light fitting, or making documentaries in South Africa, I thrive on getting things done!

I am hoping to go into the industry as a Camera Trainee here in Bristol, whilst working on passion projects to enhance my skills and work towards a decent showreel.

Time and Time Again

My Production 1 Film working as Director of Photograhy. ARRI Alexa Mini // December 2019

Collaborators: Ben Keeton (Producer)


A Photo inspired by the film IDA, part of a personal project experimenting with available light whilst in lockdown. Fuji XT3 // May 2020

Wayfarer Light

A Video by Dom Garnham showcasing a light made by him and myself, which was planned for our final film, Wayfarer. This light was to represent an alien presence. We made it with 1200 High CRI LEDs mounted to a custom plywood frame.

Collaborators: Dominic Duck-Garnham (Gaffer), Gwydion Ap Hedd (Production Designer)

Mindshine Bus Stop - KODAK Nahemi 3rd Place Winner

30' Commercial for Mindshine Brief as part of the KODAK NAHEMI Commercial Competition 2020. Won 3rd Place in Brief. Shot on 100ft of KODAK 500D with the Arriflex SR3

Home Processed 16mm Experiment

Footage shot on Aaton LTR Camera, using expired 500T Stock. I Processed it using D76 in a Morse G3 Tank. I had no scanner so the film you see was projected and filmed in 4K using a Fuji XT3, with minimal colour correction in post.