Chris Pugh

Chris Pugh is a Writer/Director based in Bristol. His work uses strong visual storytelling. He is continuing to work on his graduation film ‘Luminance ‘after graduating from UWE. When not directing Chris works on set as an Assistant Director or Floor Runner.


A young man is guided through his life by a long piece of string. Short film I directed for Random Acts in 2017. Broadcast on Channel 4 in the summer of 2017.


I am currently directing this film about a factory drone with a lampshade for a head as my final university project. Currently in pre-production, It was due to be shot in May but has been postponed due to the pandemic. We hope to shoot sometime in early 2021.

Collaborators: Suzanna Rajnai (Producer), Frankie Cilia (Cinematographer), Dominic Duck-Garnham (Gaffer), Jack Eyres (Sound Designer)


A dance film exploring the conflict between individual and collective movement. I directed this in November 2019. Featured on Mandem Ghostwritter in 2020.

Collaborators: Nathan Powles (Sound Mix)


Short music film I directed in December 2019.


A bored guest struggles to concentrate on a conversation. I directed this short for the Depict competition in 2018.

Collaborators: Gwydion Ap Hedd (Sound Recordist)