Dominic Duck-Garnham

After a successful art foundation at Central St. Martins, Dominic decided that the combination of film + Bristol would allow him to develop both creatively and culturally. Not wanting to be constrained by the medium, he explores projects as diverse as art installations, underground music events, food styling, life drawing, all of which have fed back into his film and photography work.

At ease with technical and design challenges, he offers a wide portfolio of skills, which enables him to work at many levels either alone or as part of a team. With an eye for the image and a

desire to innovate, his work explores the boundaries of film crafts, with confidence and competence often with surprising results.

Set design, animation, stills photography, direction, cinematography, editing, styling, digital and analog processes, graphic design, prop making and lighting, are all part of Dominic's skill-set.

Food Photography

'Profiteroles', is a spread from an individual project I undertook based around food photography, the styling was designed in such a way to reflect the retro and kitsch vibe of profiteroles.

Porcelain Boys - Coming of age short film

A coming of age short film, based around the anxiety and pressures of sex and maturity during adulthood. My first role as Director for a short film.

Collaborators: Nathan Powles (Producer/Sound designer), Marina Aparicio (Costume designer/Hair and make-up), Cai Dickinson (Production designer), Jasmine Luff (Production designer)

False Freedom

A guerrilla installation on the Cumberland Basin. The aim was to use the skeleton of a tunnel to emphasize and frame the world around the individual, that they commonly overlook.

Wayfarer - Custom lighting rig

A purpose-built lighting rig, for an up and coming Sci-Fi project. Built to run on a generator, the ring would appear to be the 'Wayfarer' in the forest, drawing in the protagonist.

Collaborators: Chris Danter (Co-Manufacturer )

BTS - Stills Photography

Commissioned to document the making of a music video, images used in both editorial and promotional content.

Unplugged Audio - Album artwork

Album artwork made for a free release series by Bristol record label, unplugged audio. Custom made patterns within a template for each release, gives the sense of a collection of songs, whilst maintaining individuality from each one to the next.