Evan Roberts

I have always wanted to be a storyteller: from a child attended storytelling festivals to becoming a filmmaker. I'm always bringing stories to life in new and interesting ways. As an editor, I enjoy guiding an audience through a film -- and as a director, I find the process of working with actors and crew to create a film exhilarating.

Throughout my time at UWE, we've made some fantastic creative work, learned a range of amazing skills - all while having the pleasure of collaborating with lots of great people.

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The Script for Stay in Character

This is the Script for Stay in Character a short film about an acting masterclass going horribly wrong.

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The script for Cold Sleep

This is a Script for a short film I have yet to make. It depicts the difficult choice the captain of a spaceship has to make, for the frozen passengers.

This is chaos

I was the producer for this documentary about a small part of the local pro wrestling scene in Bristol. Music composed by Aidan Fitchett Music by Jason Shaw@Audionautix.com Filmed on the 17th of November 2018 at the Yate Active Leisure Centre for the Pro Wrestling Chaos: All or Nothing - Chaos Rumble.

Collaborators: Shayan Ghorbanian (Director), Ioana Ioana2.Bulai@live.uwe.ac.uk (Director of Photography), Liam Richards (Editor), Jack Eyres (Sound), Evan Roberts (Producer)

Seriously Nailed

I worked as an editor in this short piece about a handyman showing up to the set of a handyman style porno, in the place of a well-renowned method porn actor. The handyman does such a good job screwing and nailing, but never finishes the job. A classic mix up

Collaborators: Ben Keeton (Producer), Jack Eyres (Sound), Marina Aparicio (Art Director), Evan Roberts (Editor)

Superficial - Tanya Hazell

The official music video for Superficial by Tanya Hazell. Music Production Tim Kirby (Angelabs) Filming and Video Production Evan Roberts