Frankie Cilia

Frankie Cilia is an aspiring cinematographer working as a camera assistant and colourist based in London and Bristol.

During her time at UWE she has shot and graded a wide range of short films, commercials and documentaries on both digital and 16mm formats. She co-founded We Are F Stop with Katya Mann. The platform aims to tackle the representation and imbalance within the industry by giving female, non-binary and trans filmmakers an online space to promote and discuss their work.

Frankie is currently in pre-production working as director of photography for her graduation film ‘Luminance’ directed by Chris Pugh.

Heartthrob (2020)

Heartthrob is a psychological drama written and directed by Chloe Law. Mel is obsessed with her favourite musician, but she must confront the idolised version of him when he is accused of sexual harassment. I worked on this project as Director of Photography and Colourist. Shot on Arri Alexa Mini

Collaborators: Suzanna Rajnai (Producer), Chris Pugh (Gaffer), George Baker (1st Assistant Camera & Operator), Marina Aparicio (Art Department Assistant), Dominic Duck-Garnham (Spark), Chloe Law (Writer and Director)

Wear Yours Better (2020)

I shot and colour graded this 30 second commercial. It was shot on 16mm for Charles Tyrwitt, and the Nahemi Kodak Commercial Competition. The story follows the life of a suit from it's creation to destruction.

Collaborators: Alice Flood (1st Assistant Director), Jack Eyres (Sound Design), Suzanna Rajnai (Producer), Anna Meszaros (Gaffer), Marina Aparicio (Art Department)


Currently in pre-production, It was due to be shot in May but has been postponed due to the pandemic. We hope to shoot sometime in early 2021. I will be working on this as Director of Photography and Colourist and shooting on an Arri Alexa Mini.

Collaborators: Chris Pugh (Director), Suzanna Rajnai (Producer)

BLAST (2020)

BLAST is an experimental dance short film from Impermanence for BBC New Creatives. I worked as 1st Assistant Camera (DOP Jake Duncan). It was shot on an Arri Alexa Mini.

Collaborators: Chris Danter (2nd Assistant Camera), Chris Pugh (Spark), Marina Aparicio (Assistant Art Department & Background Extra)

Post Apocalyptic Poets (2019)

Post Apocalyptic Poets is a short film (dir Brad Taylor). It follows a poet searching for a friend to perform an end of the world concert with. I worked on this project as 1st Assistant Camera (DOP Billy Wright) and Colourist. Shot on Sony SF5.

Collaborators: Nathan Powles (Sound Designer)