George Blu Byford

Having spent majority of my time at university focused on working on as many projects as possible i've created a wide range of short films. These works include experimental, mockumentary, narrative, sports and documentary as well as a string of event videos. I feel I've shot and covered a lot of forms of media.

It was at university I invested into learning the craft and art of image. This has been though working on the camera for a much as i could in terms of video as well as regularly doing still photography in my spare time.

My next step in

this journey is to try and get onto larger sets as a camera trainee focusing on narrative work either here in Bristol or down in London.

Kid Cowboy

A kid who dresses up and plays as a cowboy uses his alter ego to stand up to bullies and make friends. This was a short we made in our second year of Filmmaking at UWE on a very tight schedule and low budget. Shoutout to the amazing crew really couldn't

Shirts must be worn

This was my first experience shooting on 16mm film and enjoyed every moment of it. This was part of the NAHEMI Kodak competition that happens annually. What I had learnt from this was that the more prepared we are in pre production the better.

Cinematography Showreel

My showreel of majority of the camerawork ive done in my last year of UWE. Here I didn't want to show the "pretty" shots but more importantly the sequences that I helped craft with the hopes that you are able to understand the emotion of the scene.


PASSWORD - production1 This was my first shot at being DoP on a large projects so went all in. I intended to have the camerawork reflect the main characters feelings through a ways. One of these having the type of grip equipment we used changing with the characters feelings.

Heartthrob Teaser

This film I worked on as an AC in a studio setting. This was a large crew to be apart of and a very intense 4 day shoot. Here I not only assisted but also operated in a few sequences.


This was an exploration into shooting with an anamorphic lens. Here I didn't have a story or narrative in mind but did try to capture a wide range of footage with the hopes of creating something experimental in the edit.