Gwyd Ap Hedd

Having joined UWE Film after my actor training at RWCMD’s Young Actors Studio, I had a good grasp on craft and a developed passion for working with actors. I pair my love for working with actors with my love for physical comedy and of low-fi production design, which can be seen in my shorts ‘Confined’ and ‘OTR a Place to be Yourself’.

I seek opportunities in other disciplines when I can, spending weeks at BBC Roath Lock Studios shadowing the art department of the soap ‘Pobl Y Cwm’, helping on the set build of the play ‘The Red Lion’, I've

also directed factual pieces for staff training at Filton’s Blood and Transplant center.

I stay open-minded with my practices and work in different mediums, an example being my involvement with Nathan Powles’ radio Drama ‘Hessle’ where I play the lead character. I try and keep my skillset broad and mind open.


|Credit Director| Comedy - In times of a housing Crisis, Magnus, a genius physicist has developed technology to escape the politically torn world. Another scientist, whose working as a bin man stumbles upon Magnus and wants to expose his technology.

Collaborators: Dominic Duck-Garnham (Producer)

Nina's Tale

Password - Nina2020 |Credit - Producer| Short Drama- 'Nina's Tale' by Anna Meszaros comments on the unspoken normalization of sexual abuse within nightlife culture.

Collaborators: Anna Meszaros (Writer/Director), George Baker (Director Of Photography), Jack Eyres (Sound Designer)


|Credit - Actor| Radio Drama - Hessle written and created by Nathan Powles follows a man who tries to rekindle his relationship through adopting a lizard whale.

Collaborators: Nathan Powles (Writer and Creator)

OTR - A Place To Be Yourself

|Credit - Director| A Short for OFF THE RECORD, a mental health social movement by & for young people aged 11-25 in Bristol. The short explores the isolation some young people can feel caused by the influence of social media in social situations.

Collaborators: Niamh Cassidy (Director Of Photography)