Ioana Bulai

I am a ‘ready to walk the extra mile’ filmmaker, specialising in editing and colour grading. I am keen to explore new creative horizons whilst showing professionalism in my work and in the execution of my tasks.

I like challenging myself and taking the opportunity to learn from new experiences. My aim is to work in the film and television industry and to develop professionally.

Waiting for Mihai

''Waiting for Mihai'' is a very personal documentary that aims to evidentiate the concept of masculinity found in women fighting for their power in a men-privileged society.

Collaborators: Nathan Powles (Sound Designer)


''Cracked'' is an experimental short film which depicts various struggles of people in front of the society and even in front of themselves. Paralleling the life cycle of a woman with the process of boiling an egg, this short deals with themes such as fragility, insecurity and confusion.

Collaborators: Chloe Law (Co-director)

Drowning Ophelia

Drowning Ophelia is a short experimental that aims to visually create the effect of an underwater landscape. We follow Ophelia's journey in different underwater set ups, as well as her inner emotinal development.

Collaborators: Liam Richards (Camera Operator)

Broccoli Dog

Student short Commercial project for "The Soil Association".

Collaborators: Kieran Jones (Director of Photography)

The post-Brexit UK Citizenship test

A fake news report about how the UK Citizenship test will be amended to reflect the needs of a post-Brexit Britain.

Collaborators: Shayan Ghorbanian (Director), Kieran Jones (Camera Operator)