Isaac Burnett

Aspiring writer and producer. My work has been described as "a delight to read", "original and fresh", and "in many respects quite offensive."

I'm also a founding member of the theatre collective i.e. For more information on what we do, check out our website at

II Kool IV Sunday Skool: Moses and the Amazing Technicolour Genocide

The result of a long time in lockdown.

Collaborators: Nathan Powles (Cast)

How Did Rod Serling Make TV "Good"? (Video Essay)

My final video essay, looking at the impact and legacy of Rod Serling's seminal series "The Twilight Zone".

Nouvelle Vague FC (Delayed due to Covid-19)

A short comedy about football, friendship and the French New Wave. Balls will be kicked. Goals will be scored. Rules will be broken. I wrote and almost directed this short before the lockdown began. We hope to pick up where we left off soon.

Collaborators: Alice Flood (1st Assistant Director), Kieran Jones (Director of Photography), Charlie Palfreeman (Editor), Nathan Powles (Sound Designer)


I produced this mockumentary short following Gillbert - the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" of Hollywood fame - as he tries to make sense of his new life in Bristol. The film is currently undergoing post-production adjustments and we hope to take it to festivals next year.

Collaborators: Kieran Jones (Writer/Director), Zoë Midwinter (Editor), Chris Pugh (First Assistant Director), Jasmine Luff (Production Design)

The Art of 8 Limbs

I produced this short documentary looking at the lives of the men and women who train at the Easton-based Muay Thai gym Combat Warriors. We hope for this piece to see a re-edit in the future before an official release at festivals.

Collaborators: Callum Cutler (Director of Photography), Ollie Ablethorpe (Director)