Jack Eyres

I spent my time at UWE_FILM specializing in sound and am very proud of my work in the various short films I have worked on during the past three years. I enjoy all areas from recording on location to mixing in the dubbing suite, with the post-production side being my favourite area in which I am aspiring to become professional in.

Jack Eyres - 2020 Audio Showreel

Short compliation of clips from various projects I have worked on.

Subaru Impreza SFX Library- Specialist Practice

A collection of sounds I recorded using industry standard techniques as apart of the Specialist Practice module. I earned a First in this module and I learnt a lot about field recording as well as post-production cleanup skills.

Stay In Character - Short Student Film

A short film with a heavy focus on dialogue. Working on this film taught me a large amount about dialogue editing and various techniques for blending different shots together through the sound.

Collaborators: Evan Roberts (Director), Robert Mills (DoP), Shayan Ghorbanian (Guitarist)