Jasmine Luff

I find films a form of escapism from the monotonous everyday life, the way that you become submerged into the story of the film intrigued me and led me to start my studies in film. I found my way into the art department during my first year of university. Seeing how much it takes within that department to make the story world believable led me to be a part of the art department. I aspire to make the story world as realistic as possible to give people the same form of escapism that I experience with films.

I have recently

become interested in period set design and looking at how the props are made for these films. Using graphic design to create this style of props has kept me busy during lockdown and has allowed me to develop a new skillset that I hope to use in future jobs.

Read Only

Sketch Up drawing of the main location within the Read Only. This set was to be built in but because of the pandemic the production was stopped. This film was set in a retro futuristic world so the location would have been filled with retro furniture and technology.

Collaborators: Zoë Midwinter (Editor ), Cai Dickinson (Writer/Director ), Ollie Ablethorpe (Cinematographer )

Girl in a lift

A commercial, shot on film, for Harvey Nichols for the Nahemi Kodak Competition. I was co designer on this project where we created a lift with working doors that changed into a dressing room when the protagonist entered.

Collaborators: Zoe Phelps (Co. Production Design ), Ali aj2-heyes (Director ), Chloe Law (1st AD), Mac Harwood (Producer), Anna Meszaros (2nd AC), Frankie Cilia (Colourist)

Dick Barton: Special Agent

Still from the performance showing the comic book style that the director wanted for the props and set.

Period Props

Using a telegram my grandma was sent in the 1960's, I created a blank template which can be reused for any project

Red Lion

Still from a dress rehearsal. Showing the panelling and benches that I assisted with adapting and putting up for the performances.

Collaborators: Gwydion Ap Hedd (Co. Art Department )