Kieran Jones


I am a dedicated and driven filmmaker, with a deep love and creative passion for the world of cinematography. In my work, I strive to capture the moments in life that are not noticed by the average eye. The wonderful, yet hidden moments from nature to human interaction, as well as the beauty in imperfections.

I specialise in shooting on celluloid film, especially 16mm and Super 8 which, for me, is the best format to capture these moments, as well as for making films. Despite this, I also like to think I have extensive knowledge in modern camera technology as well as pre-digital.

I hope that my career will be able to eventually take me into documentary filmmaking, since this is my favourite type of filmmaking to watch and create. I believe that my passion for these projects can help to lead to a hopefully promising career.

Achievements & Experience


Soil Association Advertisement
Cinematographer (2019/12 – 2020/01)
- I was the DOP for a short advertisement titled ‘Broccoli Dog’, where I had full responsibility over the look of the advertisement.

Charles Tyrwhitt Advertisement
Camera Assistant (2020/01)
- I assisted the DOP in an advertisement titled ‘Wear Yours Better’. Here I had the chance to work with 16mm film, which involved me taking light measures as well as keeping a log sheet for the film we used.

Pitcher & Piano Advertisement
Cinematographer, Editor (2020/1 – 2020/3)
- I was the DOP for the advertisement titled ‘Whisky Old Fashioned’, which is a stop-motion short, advertising said beverage.

The Edge – 2019
Camera Operator (2019/10 – 2019/11)
- I was the camera operator with the responsibility to record the performance of a live, interactive theatre production.


BA(Hons) Filmmaking, UWE Bristol, 2020

- Passed AVID MC101 Course
- Passed AVID MC110 Course

Featured Projects:

SHOW REEL - 2020

A short video displaying a montage of the type of work I specialize in & the projects I have been involved in.

Broccoli Dog

I was the DOP on a short advert as a project for the Soil Association. This was captured using the ARRI Alexa Mini.

Whisky Old Fashioned

A short Stop-motion advert that I directed & Shot as a part of an advertising promotion for the company, Pitcher & Piano.

The Tailor

I assisted the DOP in this project for the company, Charles Tyrwhitt. Here I had the chance to work with 16mm film & an AATON LTR 54. This involved me taking light measures as well as keeping a log sheet for the film we used.

Collaborators: Suzanna Rajnai (Producer), Frankie Cilia (Cinematographer)

London on Super 8

A fun experimental video I made, using expired kodachrome celluloid film & processing it myself with a Caffenol-C mixture. I consider shooting & home developing film to be one of my biggest passions.


Troutman is a film that I wrote & Directed during the 1st semester of my final year. As well as having a strong passion for the camera department, I would also like to possibly build a career in writing for comedies.

Collaborators: Zoë Midwinter (Editor), Isaac Burnett (Producer)